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Cozzi Clinical Services

Therapy ~ Community Presentations


Individual Adult
& Child

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can empower people to change the course of their lives, no matter when they undertake the journey.  Real change and growth are possible!


Family & Couples

I work with couples using the powerful Gottman Method’s Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.  These research-based interventions help couples re-invent their commitment to each other and re-invest in their relationship.



Trauma is not an every-day experience, and the therapy used to treat trauma is not an every day therapy.


Community Presentations 

Schools ~ The Work Place ~Salons ~ Restaurants

We work in many types of environments. We can come to you or put on a presentation at one of our offices. Out topics vary from working with parents to understand their children's anxiety better, to teaching your employees how to recognize the signs of domestic violence. Please call our office if there is a topic you have in mind.

Therapy Sessions

Well-trained and experienced therapists have an assortment of philosophies, techniques, viewpoints and evidence-based clinical solutions to define and treat each client’s challenges.  While circumstances and situations may be unique, the thoughts, behavior patterns and responses to these challenges can be fully understood and re-directed to solve even long-term life struggles.  I work hard to understand, diagnose and frame what the issues really are, and work gently and intelligently with my clients to help them grow into their own abilities to change the status quo and “see” what is possible for them.  This is not magic  -- it’s work.  But hard work and a commitment by both of us to a trusting and open therapeutic relationship can produce what seems like magical outcomes.  In my view, that can only happen in a place of safety and hope.  I strive every day to create an atmosphere of both so that true healing and real change can actually be achieved.

Meet The Team


Jennifer Vergara

Patty - Cozzi.jpg

Patty Zacharias

Shannon Cagle.jpeg

Shannon Cagle


Francine Costanza

Getting Help

One of the toughest things about therapy is making the first call.  If you are reading this website, and have come this far in considering that this next step could be a good move for you, I am reaching out my hand to you.  We all need help moving through life, especially when we get stuck, are facing disappointment and despair, or finding that things are just not going the way we wish they would go.  You don’t need to do this alone!  Forming a partnership with a “good-fit” therapist can be the fork in the road you need to move forward.  Doing the same thing over and over again will lead you to right where you are.  And if right where you are is not working anymore, it’s time to try something new.  I will work with you to figure out what that something new can look like, and I can help you create the new tools, strategies, courage and perspective to create a road ahead that you want to travel down.  




Self Esteem




Anger Management


I love Eva's holistic approach. I have had therapists tell me that I need to see a psychiatrist for my anxiety, but Eva helped me to find tools to minimize it without medication.

Megan T, Age 41

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